Working Hauladay

So it’s been a couple months of using the Bike Friday Hauladay and I think it’s about time to write something about it. What better way to write than to share some pictures and a video?! 

Some of these were done by a UO journalism student as part of a class project, others are of our daily use.

This past weekend we were up in Portland to see family and have a bike day of checking out the Islabikes showroom and going to Velo Cult (for the first time) for Bike Friday’s Portland unveiling of the Hauladay*. It made the Hauladay coming into production even more real to me.

*note- you may notice I’m using “Hauladay” instead of “Haul-a-day”…it was a recommendation by Paul Moore of Arriving by Bike and I like it. Much less clunky I think.  He actually liked Hauliday but I like the “a” as it feels more like “you can haul everything involved in a typical day”.

Here’s a little write-up based off a Facebook thread about the Hauladay:

I’ve been working with Bike Friday on the Haul-a-Day design and it’s been a really fun project. Alan, the owner of BF, helped start Burley in Eugene way back in the day and we’ve had some great ‘family biking through the decades’ discussions. We think the Haul-a-Day has a great potential and have plans to keep improving it. That’s one of the bonuses of local bike manufacturing; we can keep improving, tweaking, and adding features on the fly.

Anyway, in answer to some of the questions:

I’ve been riding my three kids on the back for over a month now- doing great! It rides different than both my Long Haul Trucker Xtracycle and our new Edgerunner. Zippier and lighter than both. More solid feeling than the add-on of course. The Edgerunner has a more “solid” feel in some ways but I think some of that relates to fatter tires and just different frame build. 

Yes, there will be two different models- the Standard Haul-a-Day and the Long Haul-a-Day. Standard will come with custom deck and bags (but will fit an Xtracycle Flight Deck and all the deck components) while the Long will fit all Xtracycle components including sidecar, racks, bags, etc. The Standard will fit on a bus bike rack (with the front wheel flipped around). The Long will not fit on a bus rack but I have taken it on an Amtrak already and plan to try that again in a more official manner. It’s definitely shorter than a 26” wheel Longtail. 

This pic shows the trail-a-bike attachment..and hauling a Bike Friday Tikit

I still haven’t gotten to ride the Standard Haul-a-Day yet…hopefully soon (it’s built up now, I just have to pick it up!)

The plan is to offer three set builds ranging from basic to deluxe (dynamo and all the bells & whistles). Fenders & the great stand will be standard, along with the flag mount and a couple other features. I’ll work with BF to get a site up with that info before too long. Since it’s Bike Friday and they are all about custom, people can really build their dream bike if they want to as well. 

There are some other accessories Bike Friday is working on to come out with the Haul-a-Day as well, including a Piccolo attachment point (been using mine and loving it), a Follow-Me-Tandem type attachment (new Standard Hauladay has it on and will try it soon) , maybe a mini-hooptie to go with the trail-a-bike attachment (new one also has this!), and a couple other ideas. 

Bike Friday definitely wants to make a great utility cargo bike that is useful for families so will be taking feedback on the initial earlier adopters. That is why they are offering a deal for the first buyers (getting it down to around $1000). There hoping to focus this first run in the Eugene area so work can be done easier and quicker but I think they are open to other West coast testers too.

So there is more to share and over the coming months I hope to post more about my experience and thoughts on this new cargo bike I’ve had the privilege of working on.

 And finally…a little video: